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A Grade Cut is a process required for buildings when the exterior insulation finish system (EIFS) is installed bellow the ground causing moisture over time and termites infestation.

 What Grade Cuts is Best For

  • Prevent damage to the lamina from hydrostatic pressure
  • Prevent moisture intrusion through wicking
  • Prevent termites infestation

Grade Cuts Components

  • Fiberglass Mesh
  • Base Coat
  • Finish Coat

How Grade Cuts Works

At its base, EIFS system should terminate a minimum 4-6 inches above finish grade either with back-wrapping that is EIFS sealed and caulked or back-wrapping with EIFS mesh and base coating into the foundation.
First step is to cut the EIFS 4-6 inches above ground level and remove from the foundation then seal the bottom of the cut to the foundation with adhesive base coat to match the house color and texture as close as possible.

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