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Kickout flashing, also known as a diverter flashing, is designed to prevent against the penetration of water into the building envelope.

Kickout flashing is Best For

Kickout flashing can be installed on hardyplank siding, stone, brick and stucco.
Dormers, bays and chimneys are the common locations of damage caused by missing or incorrect kick outs , but the kickout flashing should be present and properly installed anywhere a roof and exterior wall intersect.

Kickout flashing may be used for the following:

  • Prevents rain water intrusion causing black rot and mold
  • Prevents damage to exterior walls

 Materials needed for Kickout flashing

  • Kick-out flashing
  • Cap flashing
  • Exterior caulk

How Kickout flashing Works

All roofs should be carefully inspected for potential flashing problems, irrespective of condition or the quality of other aspects of their installation. Water penetration into the cladding can occasionally be observed on the exterior wall in the form of vertical water stains, although inspectors should not rely on visual identification. There may be severe damage with little or no visible evidence. Missing or incorrectly installed kickout flashing can be the source of major structural damage, mold and wood rot.
An”L” shaped piece of sheet metal or plastic is installed near the edge of the roof in such a way the water cannot run behind the kick out and instead is channeled off to one the side, where it falls off the edge of the roof to the ground or a gutter or other water collector.

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